Inflating a giant advertising balloon with helium, on a trade show, by Benoit and Xavier from PUBEO


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The managers of PUBEO SAS have been specialized in event signage for over 7 years. We collaborate with the biggest French and foreign companies.

Inflatable advertising is today one of the essential pillars of your communication, you have a better visibility, a powerful commercial impact and an important dynamization of your company.

PUBEO SAS mainly offers inflatable structures to promote your products and services in an efficient way and on different supports.

Our mission is to offer you communication tools quality and customizable in your company's colors

Boosting your communication, increasing your commercial impact and visibility is essential today. With our inflatable signage, you affirm your image, you enhance your brand and you stand out. With our inflatable structures, aerial or self-ventilated, your communication asserts its originality and its difference. And you will hoist your logo, your slogan or your colors high.

PUBEO SAS is the specialist in inflatable advertising. With our event, commercial or sports signage, we will bring a breath of fresh air to your communication. Whether outdoors or indoors, we have the advertising structure solution that meets your needs, your desires or your requirements. Totally personalized and customizable structures that will highlight your brand, your services, your event or your products in the most effective way. With the multiple solutions of inflatable advertising, you can only boost your communication. And your visual impact is assured.

If you want to increase your visibility, give your advertising a boost and stand out from your competitors, contact us. We have the right inflatable solution for you.

PUBEO SAS was born in December 2014 from the combined experience and know-how of three marketing, advertising and computer graphics enthusiasts. Friendship did the rest to create a close-knit, dynamic team that puts its know-how at the service of its customers.

Located in Saint-James, in the Manche department, with the Mont-Saint-Michel as a backdrop, PUBEO SAS markets unique and innovative inflatable advertising solutions, created with the utmost care in accordance with your constraints and wishes. By collaborating with the largest French and foreign companies, PUBEO SAS has established itself as the specialist in 100% personalized inflatable advertising.

Whether on balloons, airships, hot air balloons or cubes, inflated with helium and air, or on self-ventilated structures, arches, tents or advertising columns, flat printing in full color makes it possible to carry out each advertising object that you can imagine. And even more.

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Aerial signage to take the height: balloons, airships, cubes, hot air balloons or special customizable shapes, these advertising structures are inflated with helium and offer an exceptional visibility. With aerial signage, in a show, a fair or a festival, indoors or outdoors, you can be seen from afar and people know where to find you. Discover our complete range. Self-ventilated signage: well set up, the structures inflated with captive air are autonomous. No need for a blower, a simple inflator is enough to inflate your brand image. An arch, a tent or an advertising column, a windsock (skydancer) or any other custom-made object will bring a touch of novelty to your events. Street marketing: flags or banners, illuminated balloons, balloons or backpack flags, here again, originality is the key. All you have to do is tell us what you want...

You need an impactful communication? You want your brand to be seen? You dream of an innovative product promotion strategy? Inflatable signage is an original, creative and aesthetic communication tool. Compared to other communication media, inflatable structures have many advantages:

  • Inflatable advertising makes a lasting impression: a hot air balloon, crossed out with your brand or company name, will certainly give you a head start. A balloon or a giant inflatable cube increases your notoriety by its visibility. A self-ventilated tent combines image with comfort...
  • Inflatable advertising is customizable: a particular graphic, a brand or a logo...inflatables lend themselves to all types of printing, total, partial, or on removable strips fixed by velcro.
  • Inflatable advertising is light. Made of PVC or nylon, inflated with air or helium, our advertising structures are very light. Easy to install, easy to uninstall, easy to store, inflatables require minimal handling and logistics. And that's how much you save on your communication budget! Flexible and versatile, they can be deployed both indoors and outdoors. In compliance with safety standards. At PUBEO SAS, we advise you and accompany you in the implementation of our inflatable advertising structures.

A team at your service. We love what we do

In a world where brand image and communication are predominant, it is important to know how to stand out from the crowd.

  • Availability, listening and a great reactivity.
  • The guarantee that we will remain your operational contacts throughout your project.
  • A multidisciplinary team : Salesmen, graphic designers, computer specialists, installers.
  • To bring an answer to all your needs: commercial animations, advertising projects, opening of stores, etc...

PUBEO is recognized for the quality of its products, the quality of its services and its responsiveness.

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