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Boost your communication with Skydancers

The skydancer (also called windsock) is a very dynamic and attractive marketing tool, it is the ideal companion for all your outdoor marketing operations.

Manufacturer of skydancer to improve the image of your company or event. The fabric of the air dancer is made of PVC fabric.

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The self-ventilated advertising skydancer is ideal for your outdoor communication actions.

You can set it up in front of a store, at a sports event or during a commercial anniversary.

We increase your chances of being seen and making sales so don't hesitate, contact us!

Advertising becomes moving with the skydancer

The height of the tube ensures optimal visibility, its innovative and playful side allows you to attract consumers to your point of sale, moreover, it is very easy to spot thanks to the movements of the envelope produced by the blower.

The diameter of the cylinder is 45 cm, we offer self-ventilated structures from 3 to 5 m high, available in one or two legs and with or without arms. 

We also offer one or two-sided printing to maximize your chances of being noticed.

We are at your disposal for any information concerning skydancers, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Information and technical details of the skydancers

Product details

Our inflatables are made of 0.18 mm PVC. For structures to be placed or hung we can use thicker PVC (0.35 mm). The PVC balloons are reusable. 

We propose the printing of your logos on two sides (the background color and the locations are to be defined according to your logo).
It is also possible to make a printing on the whole surface of the balloon (total printing: for example for the realization of a globe).

Our balloons have a main attachment point located under the balloon.

For inflation (and deflation), the balloon has 2 valves with non-return valves.

We provide a polyamide rope, 10, 30 or 60 m spools according to the shape and size chosen, we also offer steel braided cable for indoor animations.

You have a maintenance kit, which includes PVC patches and PVC glue.

The conditions of use and installation are provided for each product.

Technical information

Available sizes

  • H 3m x ∅ 0.45m | 1 leg + 1 marking on one side
  • H 3m x ∅ 0.45m | 1 leg + 2 arms + 1 marking on one side
  • H 4m x ∅ 0.45m | 1 leg + 1 marking on one side
  • H 4m x ∅ 0.45m | 1 leg + 2 arms + 1 marking on one side
  • H 4m x ∅ 0.45m | 2 legs + 2 arms + 2 markings
  • H 5m x ∅ 0.45m | 1 leg + 1 marking on one side
  • H 5m x ∅ 0.45m | 1 leg + 2 arms + 1 marking on one side
  • H 5m x ∅ 0.45m | 2 legs + 2 arms + 2 markings

Background colors to be defined according to our palette.


  • We offer an electric LED light system for sky dancers.
  • Additional customizable nylon tube.

Technical constraints

Every effort is made to ensure that the visuals conform to the files you are transferring, it is obvious that the visual will be slightly distorted due to the tubular shape of an airdancer.

However, variations may occur, particularly due to the technical limitations of color rendering on your computer equipment, if necessary, specify the desired pantone.

Delivery times & payment methods

The delivery time: count 20 days or more according to the quantities, we must also receive the estimate as well as the good to print with the mention "good for agreement", the signature, the date and the stamp.

Delivery method: delivery by carrier (pallet) or by UPS (single carton)

Payment: balance at the order or by check at reception with the deliverer

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