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Public animation balloon: "crowd" balloon

What could be more fun than a promotional balloon thrown into a crowd? Imagine your brand shared in the heart of the public! Make the public the actor of your event!

Manufacturer of crowd ball at a soccer match in the color of the club. It is customizable with the diameter and size of your choice.

Balloon crowd

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Crowd balloon: make your mark!

What could be more fun than a giant balloon thrown into the crowd? 

Even adults fall back into childhood and few people can resist the pleasure of playing with these tethered air balloons as if they had fallen from the sky. 

These games balls are excellent communication tools because by making the public play and participate, it marks the minds that will remember your brand or logo for a long time!

The crowd balloon like other advertising balloons is fully customizable, and designed to be durable and safe for the public to handle.

Some examples of giant balloons used to animate the public

The advantages of the crowd balloon

This type of giant advertising balloon to be launched in the public is of a formidable effectiveness. Indeed, inviting the actors present at the event to play with it, it has a very strong visual and psychological impact. The individuals present will remember for a long time this original, amusing and surprising object.

These giant advertising balloons can be used during a concert, a sports event or a cultural event. They circulate in the crowd for the greatest pleasure of the participants. This regressive pleasure makes them a powerful marketing tool since your brand is not only imprinted on the balloon but also associated with a pleasant, positive, playful moment.

Don't be fooled by the cute and childish look of the giant advertising balloon, it is a formidable marketing support and a powerful animation lever.

This giant advertising balloon launched into the crowd is a great way to bring an event to life, to involve the public or the people present in a common and engaging activity. Who doesn't want to pass the ball around in the crowd and feel like a child again for a few moments? This giant balloon instantly creates a festive and cohesive atmosphere that is extremely beneficial to the event and the brand.

This type of balloon to be thrown in the public is specifically designed to be safe: thanks to an anti-return valve system, there is no risk of accidental deflation. 

As with any promotional balloon, you will choose how to personalize your giant balloon in terms of color,print and size, so that it best matches the image you want to associate with it. 

Company logo, event title, brand name... everything is possible, let your creativity run wild, the giant balloon will do the rest!

Information and technical details of the crowd balloons

Product details

The advertising inflatables are made of 0.35 mm PVC. They are reusable.

Printing of your logos on two sides (to be defined according to the shape), we also propose a total printing (example: globe).
The inflation/deflation is done by 2 valves (valves type "inflatable mattress")

A maintenance kit includes PVC patches and PVC glue.

The conditions of use and installation are provided for each product.

Technical information

We offer balloons from 0,40 m to 1,60 m. According to your needs, we can provide larger balloons. Dimensions: 0.80 m | 1.00 m | 1.20 m | 1.60 m

Background colors to be defined according to our palette:


Electric air inflator 220v or on battery.

Technical constraints

Every effort is made to ensure that the visuals conform to the files you are transferring, it is obvious that the visual will undergo a slight deformation due to the fact that an inflatable is round in shape.

However, variations may occur, particularly due to the technical limitations of color rendering on your computer equipment, if necessary, specify the desired pantone.

Delivery times & payment methods

Delivery time: 10 days or more depending on the quantities, we must also receive the estimate and the print order with the mention "good for agreement", the signature, the date and the stamp.

Delivery methods: delivery by UPS, Chronopost or Colissimo

Payment: balance at the order or by check at reception with the deliverer

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